It’s a Recipe for Disaster When Your Country has an Obesity Epidemic and a Skinny Jean Fad

Obesity is a serious issue in America and many people should start accessing their lifestyles and making the necessary changes. Business Insider provides 15 shocking statistics about obesity. Some of which I will start to go over in this post. First I want to share this map which indicates obesity throughout the country.

People with less than a high school degree have an obesity rate of almost 33% compared to those with a college degree and an obesity rate of 20.8%. Why is this? Are they less educated about healthy choices? Do their incomes not allow for the healthiest food?

Here is a graph showing that the obesity rate continues to increase as we grow older until the age of about 69. We must remember that as we grow older our metabolisms start to slow down and we must eat right and exercise to compensate for that.


November 2, 2012. Uncategorized.

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