Food Allergies

I mentioned in my last post my food allergies. I have a gluten and dairy intolerance that I discovered sophomore year of high school. I remember the first time I experienced the pain. It was a dull pain in my lower abdomen and really did not hurt all that bad. I was at track practice freshman year (yes freshman it took about a year to figure out the cause) and I felt the pain. I took notice, but did not think much of it and figured it would go away. Unfortunately it continued to get worse. It got to the point that I missed about three weeks of school my sophomore year. I started to fall behind and it became harder and harder to catch up as I continued to miss classes. When I could make it through a whole day of school I would spend my snack and lunch breaks making up tests and talking with teachers about how I would catch up again. I had countless doctors appointments and saw numerous specialists, but no one could figure out what was wrong. Finally, they all chalked it up to stress and was instructed to see a therapist. My mom did not tell me this at the time because she knew there was something else wrong and continued to seek help. After doing a bit of research on her own she decided to take me to a naturopathic doctor. She ran a blood test and there it was all on one piece of paper and done with only one test. Food allergies. As soon as I removed the various pain causing foods from my diet I started to feel so much better.

At this time, there were not a lot of gluten/dairy free options on the market and the ones that were, were truly inedible. I started to lose a lot of weight partly because I did not know what to eat, and partly because I was afraid to eat because I did not want to be in pain. At this time, it would have been so helpful to have one of the food concierges in the grocery store because I had to figure it out all on my own. There was a lot of trial and error, a lot of error. Half the time my gluten free pasta would fall apart in the water and there would be nothing left (now the gluten free pasta is amazing! My roommate who doesn’t even have gluten allergies eats brown rice pasta with me because it is delicious and much healthier).

Gluten and dairy intolerance is becoming so much more prevalent. That is clear when there are now gluten free sections in grocery stores. It would be so helpful for people who are just discovering their food allergies to have someone in the grocery store to guide them through this. They could bring in their favorite recipes and the concierge could help them make it suitable to their new diets.


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