Can Sugar Really be That Dangerous?

Hey did you know that consuming all of those Halloween candies can add inches to your waistline? Duh. But did you know all of the other problems it can cause such as cancer or Alzheimer’s? Refined sugar is nasty stuff and although incredibly hard to stay away from, we should all consider limiting our sugar consumption.

A recent study by the Mayo Clinic shows that people who eat a lot of carbohydrates are almost four times more likely to develop mild cognitive impairment, and the likelihood increases with high sugar diets as well.

I have also been reading a lot of studies linking sugar to cancer. We usually think of aspartame as the cancer causing sweetener, but that is not longer the case. On May 26, 2009, Robert Lustig gave a lecture called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” and in it he actually refers to sugar as poison. He compared the sweet stuff to cigarettes and alcohol explaining that it is killing us.

Now, don’t go thinking that you can never eat sugar again, because, let’s be real that’s never going to happen. I think the best thing we can do is to eat it in moderation. Pretty much anything is fine in moderation, right? Try to limit yourself to having sweets only once a week. I find that when I do that I don’t feel guilty eating the candy or dessert because it is my designated sugar day.


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  1. Brenda Haug replied:

    I always knew too much sugar was bad for your health, and your waistline. But I never knew that too much consumption of sugar could also lead to cancer and Alzheimers. Not only is your blog interesting, but super educational! Like you, I think it’s important to have sweets in moderation. For someone like me with the biggest sweet tooth in the world, I have always had trouble limiting my sweets, but after reading your blog, I’ve thought more about my sugar consumption and how it can lead to health problems in the future. I am really supportive of bringing a concierge to Safeways stores because I feel as if people, especially moms, will really pay attention to it because they are the most concerned with their children’s health. Children love sugar, so it’s important to educate the family’s on the dangers of too much sugar, so your idea is a great one and is one that needs to be implemented right away!

  2. Snook Chaipornvadee replied:

    this is a really great post. there’s such a big different between enough consumption of sugar and excessive. we need sugar and lets face it, it’s dang delicious. i cut down my soda and desert consumption and when i do eat desert, i go all out at the cheesecake factory. everything is all about moderation. i only drink soda like once a month or sometimes less.

    really great post! it’s such a big issue in our society.

  3. Charlotte Silverstein replied:

    I have such a big sweet tooth and I am so glad I read this blog post! I think it is important that everyone know about the effects of sugar as it is not at all talked about compared to smoking and drinking. Safeway is a great place to start the sugar education process. It is such a popular grocery store where a lot of families shop at. Parents and children can both learn from the concierges. Maybe once a week the concierge can suggest a healthy but sweet dessert or snack to fit in with your recommended sugar day!

  4. mushi101 replied:

    Thank you for opening my eyes! I had no idea sugar could lead to such problems and that there was a need for moderation that goes beyond watching ones weight and teeth. I think that it is important to educate those who aren’t aware of the various serious dangers of consuming sugar excessively in order to convince them to change their eating habits (as you have convinced me!)

  5. Austin Roberts replied:

    Ugh, I’m still working on this! Though my sugar intake has yet to be fully controlled, there are other things I’ve been able to cut out because they were bad for my health. However, I did not know how bad they were until I was educated about what they were doing to my body through Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers cost me some pretty pennies though and to have someone in Safeway help me with easy tips like this for free would be more than great, useful and worthwhile for the common American.

  6. kocko100 replied:

    First off, thank you! I really needed to hear the cold harsh facts about sugar because i have a huge sweet tooth and fight it constantly! Sugar is definitely something that the body craves if it is used to it. However, I think if people stay of sugar for atleast a month, they will crave it less and their brains will not be drawn toward it! Sometimes, I dont think we notice that the things we are eating actually have sugar in them, either! I fully support this post and will think about it every time i go for some Halloween candy! thanks!

  7. Charles W replied:

    I totally agree with you, i exercise 5 times a week and eat healthy everyday, and i try to avoid sugars as much as i can. Luckily for me, i hate cakes, or muffins or anything that has too much sugar. So it’s a good thing that i can control it. the only “sin” that i commit once a week or maybe twice is NUTELLA; i just love it. Overall it’s great that you can teach people that don’t know how bad sugar is.

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