What is the Goal?

The overall vision is to have what I am going to call a “concierge” in all Safeway stores across the nation. That is the ultimate goal, but for the purposes of this blog I am asking Steven Byrd to test it out in just one store, of his choosing, to see if he thinks it would work and likes the idea.

The concierge would work in the store and discuss with customers what changes they should make in their diets and lifestyles.  This program could even have a small fee if Steven Byrd feels it would be best for business. The goal is to make this opportunity available to everyone who may need it. These consultants would go through the clients’ diets and exercise routines and help them to figure out what alternatives they could make, but also make suggestions that they could conveniently buy at the store. They can help customers with overall healthy changes and/or can help figure out what to eat with food allergies. The customers could bring in recipes they already love and would like to make a healthier version as well as bringing in healthy recipes they are interested in trying. The consultants would then either help them find a way to make the recipe healthier or give them guidelines on how to prepare the recipe. Having these consultants to make healthy shopping easier would hopefully encourage people to cook for themselves instead of going out.

My thoughts for this concierge is to have it help not only create a healthier America, but draw in more business for Safeway. The concierge would only have to be working in the store a few hours a day, maybe at a time that the store has the most shoppers. The food that the concierge would recommend products sold in the Safeway store. Hopefully this would also give Safeway business a boost because it might bring in more shoppers who want to use the concierge services.

This is an article about a grocery store chain who does employ a dietitian in almost every store and it has seemed to have very positive results.  


November 1, 2012. Uncategorized.

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