The Problems That May Occur

I know there are a few problems people may have with this idea such as, companies paying for their products to be in a certain place on the shelves and the concierges recommending products, or that this whole idea may be just too costly. I am going to address these potential issues and explain my thoughts as to how to resolve them.

The first issue I know is that companies pay a premium for their products to be in a prime location on the shelves and if there is a concierge in the store recommending other products, they have then wasted their money. My vision for this was not to have specific products recommended, but to suggest alternatives such as “you can replace all purpose flour with quinoa flour instead.” They could then explain how the cooking process may differ a bit for each kind of flour. There are many different brands of quinoa flour and it would then be up to the shopper to see which option best fit his/her needs and price range. Some shoppers, for example, may not know that they can eat brown rice pasta instead of regular pasta as a gluten free or healthier substitute. Specific products do not have to be named, but rather the category of the substitution.

The second problem that may occur would be that this program might be too costly. One way to lower costs would be to hire an intern from the nutrition program at a local college. They could work for free, while getting real life experience in their desired field. Another, could be to hire the concierge for only a few peak hours during the day rather than all day. And a third is to charge a small fee for the program to cover costs. It would be up to Steven Byrd to decide how much would be charged to make it worth while, but hopefully something many people can afford.


November 1, 2012. Uncategorized.

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